6 by 6.

The Johnson County Library has an excellent program called 6 by 6. The objective is to permeate all of their children’s programming (and even their library spaces) with ways to help kids master the six early literacy skills that they should learn by six years old to help them become successful readers for life. JoCo is doing some amazing stuff–they have videos up of nursery rhymes and fingerplays, they are using twitter to keep in touch with their patrons (I found out about the videos via my sister via twitter), and they have wonderful spaces that reinforce the concepts that are being presented during storytimes and other library events for kids. I couldn’t be more pleased that my nephew gets to use the Johnson County Library, and I hope that all residents of that area are utilizing this excellent resource.

I actually witnessed a nursery rhyme time at one of the branches* and I was very impressed. The librarian used slides to great effect, displaying the rhymes she was using up on a big screen so everyone could read along, and the music was integrated with the display. Pretty glitch free, too, which is admirable (and the fear of a technical fail is something that gives me pause about using slides in my own storytimes, but it is something I want to utilize eventually).

I can’t say enough good things about this early childhood literacy program. The mission, the storytimes, and the marketing (check out their twitter avatar for gosh sake’s, so cute!) are all being done extremely well. Go take a look around the 6 by 6 site and I guarantee you’ll find something awesome. I just looked at this page and got chills, people. Chills!

So good work, Johnson County Library!

Does your library or a library you know of have a similar program? Please let me know!

*Blue Valley Branch. *waves*

2 responses to “6 by 6.”

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! We have been working on this early literacy initiative for over a year with the input and assistance from more people and groups than I can begin to mention. Our goal this year is to incorporate these early literacy activities into all of our locations and offer additional staff training. I am so glad you enjoyed our library and our website. We hope to see you back soon!
    Barbara Brand
    Youth Services Manager
    Johnson County Library


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