more from ain’t love a kick in the head.

Blake stared at Lisette from across the room. He was mesmerized by the long, graceful curve of her neck, the way her nostrils flared as she worked, the way her lips moved as she read a passage in her book silently to herself…

He desperately wanted to be alone with her, but after the scene at the stables he was reluctant to stir up any trouble. What if she never spoke to him again? He would sooner die than go without hearing the sound of her voice. Oh, how its tones spurred his heart into throes of joy. He stamped his foot in frustration, causing the teacher to look at him askance. What had Lisette said to him–that she would never date someone so flighty?

“I want to fall in love with someone grounded–someone stable,” she had said. “I’ve spent my entire life moving around because of my Dad’s jobs. I want to be with someone that I can depend on.”

He tossed his head, trying to cast her voice out of her mind.

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