magic under glass.

So, I read the book. It was enjoyable–pretty standard fantasy setting, characters, and magic.

The pacing was sort of wonky, though. The slow, luxurious unfurling of the first chapter led me to believe that the rest of the book would unfold in a similarly Rebecca-esque way, but no–after that first chapter, everything moved rather speedily and somewhat goofily along.

While I did enjoy the gothic/Victorian feel and the Jane Eyre echoes, they were a bit…oh, inelegant, I suppose? Still, much better allusion work than the Wuthering Heights shout-outs that littered The Twilight Saga (anyone know how I can code in a sparkly font for when I type that title?).

All in all it was an okay fantasy that you could easily tear through in a couple of sittings.

As for the cover, now that the dust has settled, I’m actually more disturbed by the length of that girl’s torso than I am by the inaccuracy of her skin color. Is it just me or is her torso impossibly long??

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