Porky and Bess

Porky and Bess by Ellen Weiss, Marsha Winborn, Mel Friedman (link to Goodreads book page)

Porky and Bess is the story of two best friends–Porky, a bachelor pig, and Bess, a single mother with three kittens. They could not be more different, and really, I could not puzzle out why they were friends, or if they are even good friends to each other.

The very first picture in Chapter One shows Porky and Bess both looking incredibly depressed–not a very pleasant beginning to a story that is supposedly about best friends. Bess doesn’t like to take her kittens to Porky’s house because it is messy, which is fine with Porky, because he doesn’t like Bess’s kittens anyway. While baking a moon cake in Chapter Four, Porky realizes he’s run out of moonlight. When Bess offers to get and lend him some moonlight that she has, Porky says, “‘I don’t want to bother you,” [b]ut really, he didn’t mind bothering her to get some nighttime for for his cake.’”

Fans of cozy stories with animal characters might enjoy this book, but there are better examples available.  This pair lacks the charm and humor of other easy reader duos. I would suggest sticking with Frog and Toad, Henry and Mudge, and Elephant and Piggy instead.

Reviewed from a library copy.

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