Falling Behind

September went by in the blink of an eye! I was on vacation for the first part of the month, spend the middle part enduring and enjoying my robust programming schedule (note to self: cut back on both programming and pastry and you’ll be much happier for it), and at the end of the month I presented as part of a panel at the Illinois Library Association conference at Navy Pier. I have a lot of information to share about all that happened in September, and I’d like to do it justice, so a new post will be coming soon.

In other housekeeping/blogging news, in November I’ll have a guest post up at Librarian by Day*. I’m going to discuss adult historical fiction that has cross-over appeal for teens. I’m really excited about it, so I’ll remind you when the post goes up in mid-November.

I’m also a panelist for the 2010 Cybils in the Easy Reader/Early Chapter book category, so the number of book reviews here is going to jump dramatically. I’m really excited to be a part of the Cybils, and I’m happy to have been chosen since it is fairly competitive. I’m well-versed in picture books and YA fiction, so I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge in a genre that I love but don’t always make time for.

I’m also trying out having a facebook page for my “Miss Julie” librarian persona. I want to use it to connect with other libraries, librarians, and the families that I work with especially. We’ll see how it goes. Do any other librarians have a page like that, so patrons/users can interact with you a bit more personally but still with some boundaries?

*I just realized there is more than one “librarian by day”!  Melissa uses that title and  Bobbi Newman does as well.

3 responses to “Falling Behind”

  1. Do you think of “Miss Julie” as a persona?


    1. Persona might not be the best word, but yes, it’s….not quite a “secret” identity, but it is the aspect of my personality that I put forward for children and their families, teachers, and other librarians. I think it is something we all have to deal with–we have our work identity, our family identity, our artistic identity. I behave differently around friends I’ve known for 20 years than I do on a first date, and when I’m playing my guitar in a bar I am a much different performer than I am when I’m playing in the library.

      It’s a harder thing to manage today, I think, because of how transparent our lives can be on the internet.

      What do you think, Madigan? Readers?


  2. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews! 😀


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