you don’t have to take my word for it

get yourself a PLN asap

Do What You Love ALA presentation 

Teen Librarian Toolbox called my blog “essential reading” *blush*

No I’m seriously a rock-star librarian

I provide theme music for library podcasts as a hobby

Another library podcast I wrote the theme for 

My middle grade faves 

I was the BEA librarian blogger in 2012

I help people plan their storytimes

I read folktales from around the world to support a cultural fair 

I was on Circulating Ideas, talking about storytime

I wrote theme songs for presentations at ALA once

I booktalk a lot of books 

I once wrote a widely discussed blog post

I am way more excited to be singing about summer reading than this picture might indicate

I don’t like censorship

Million dollar idea, the cardigan t-shirt

Once upon a time my friends and I were going to be librarians of the rails

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