Look Like A Librarian

No, this is not a post about wardrobe or anything like that. Just so you know. I also started writing it two years ago.

I took the train to work today because my car will not start thanks to the polar vortex. As I was heading to the exit as my stop approached, a young woman asked me, “Can you tell me what stop this is?” I told her and then she asked, “Is the next stop X?” And I told her it was. She thanked me and I went on my way.

This happens to me quite often. I’ll be walking down the street and be asked for directions, or wandering in Target and be asked if I know where something is. I’ll be asked for directions in cities I don’t even live in. If I can, I help.

But, why does this happen?

Do I have resting reference face?

Do you?

3 responses to “Look Like A Librarian”

  1. Happens to me a lot too, and also did in advance of any thoughts of library school. I’ve always assumed it’s that I look fairly respectable and non-scary, and also like I know where I’m going (even when I don’t: I get asked for directions everywhere, even when I’m just wherever it is for a day).


  2. “Resting reference face” may be my favorite line! I don’t find that people ask me questions more often, but I do find that they trust/believe my answers because “you sound like you know what you’re talking about.”


  3. My coworkers and I decided it was because we are so conditioned to make eye contact in the Library that we do it everywhere which makes us more approachable.


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