May the Fourth Be With You: 2013

May 4th is on a Saturday next year and so help me, I’ll be planning and implementing a large scale, fun for the whole family “May the Fourth Be With You” Star Wars nerdamondium party that will be so awesome I may just explode.

Other libraries have done it with much success. You can get free cosplay storm troopers etc from your local branch of the 501st legion which is really the thing that’s going to make the party. The idea is to have a wide range of activities that would appeal to all ages, bringing in families as well as single adults. Additional ideas include:

Do you think you’d have a Star Wars party at your library?

10 responses to “May the Fourth Be With You: 2013”

  1. I am planning on doing this next May too. I’ve started up a whole Pinterest board:


    1. YAY! Totally going to follow the heck out of that board.


      1. If you edit a photo in, I’ll totally pin this post too. Also, our 501st garrison recommends contacting the Rebel Legion if you’d like some “good guys” at your event as well:

        I am not sure who is going to be more excited about this—me or the kids?


      2. IMAGE ADDED.


  2. My finale for Summer Reading is an “Origami Yoda, Darth Paper & Star Wars Extravaganza”
    I’m mostly going to have origami and papercrafts. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll make treats.


  3. we’re doing a Star Wars party this summer – people wanted something to balance our annual Fancy Nancy party. We’re going to make light sabers out of pvc pipe and duct tape, a death star pinata (great minds think alike!) origami yodas and darth papers, and star wars costumes out of cardboard and duct tape.


  4. We recently read Origami Yoda in my middle grade book club and I was kicking myself that I didn’t have a Star Wars party this May 4th so I’d started planning one as well!


    1. ugh – hit reply before I was done. Thank you so much for all these great ideas! I love sotomorrow’s pool noodle light saber ideas – I was planning on doing a long skinny balloon and a toilet paper tube.

      Good luck! (: May the fourth be with you.


      1. You’re welcome!


  5. Being from the 501st,please do not use pvc for lightsabers. Kids end up using them on others and us. Our costumes cost a lot of money, we are a little protective of them. Ue the foam pool float or paper please. Thank you. The 501st and Rebel legion.


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