Boundtracks: Pete the Cat and “New Shoes”

Oh, Pete the Cat! I can practically recite you from memory, and there isn’t a group of kids and adults in existence who aren’t magically swept up in your bouncy tale of sloppy shoes. (Although some more savvy color mixers insist that first your shoes should turn pink then purple but I call it a quick charming lesson in suspension of disbelief.)

As I await the arrival of Four Groovy Buttons (having not been terribly impressed with Rockin In My School Shoes, ymmv), I’ve been revisiting the original Pete the Cat, and during my commute this morning I thought that Paolo’s song “New Shoes” would be a great pairing (ha! pairing! shoes! ahem) during a storytime. You could have the kids just get up and dance, or if they need a bit more encouragement, pass out shakers or dancing scarves to help them find the groove.



3 responses to “Boundtracks: Pete the Cat and “New Shoes””

  1. I have been reading “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons” to the kindergarten and first grade classes at my summer reading club outreach visits. I love it, the children love it, and the teachers love it! It is fabulous.


  2. Yep, Groovy Buttons is groovy! I did smooth the song out a little and give it a bit more of a tune though – most of my preschoolers can’t pick up on that hard beat (and I just don’t like it!). The kindergarten class that came today was very vocal about me singing the wrong song though!


  3. “New Shoes” is a guilty pleasure and a fun song. Great idea to pair with Pete! I love to dance in storytime, and most of my kids do too. All it takes is persuading one or two to dance, and most will generally follow. I find have giving them specific motions to do inspires the more reluctant ones, too. The ones who do want to dance will, no matter what I say.


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