flash posts

I wrote about the Cybils for my BEA Librarian Blogger gig. Man, I love the Cybils.

A great post about how much the Chicago library cuts will suck, and why. Jesus, I’m sick of everyone punching women, children, and poor people in the face. Screw you, world.

Children’s librarians: you’ll learn more about children at a NAEYC conference than you ever will at any library conference. Metro areas often have local conferences; I’m hoping to go to Chicago’s Opening Minds conference in January. You’ll learn about how kids learn, grow, and develop, and learn strategies for working with them and developing their skills in literacy and other content areas. Way more useful than another “use Chase’s calendar of events to come up with library program ideas” panel, imo.

If you’re not following the blog How About Orange, you’re missing awesome stuff like these free printable Halloween crafts. Print those babies up, put ’em out after school, and you’ve got yourself a craft program, baby!

I love this proclamation of awesomeness in picture books. Hear hear!

We’re running out of sexy Halloween costumes. Sexy Hungryman dinner is my personal favorite.

In other news, I’m trying to write a story about a tiger who keeps getting food poisoning, and a musical about stranger danger. Good times. What are you geeking out on these days?

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