Book Review: I Spy with My Little Eye

I’m certain that I Spy with My Little Eye by Edward Gibb will become a storytime staple. It follows the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear formula of guessing what animal comes next, with color being the major clue, with the added treat of peering through a hole die-cut in the pages. Each page also provides a word bubble clue (“I have a very long trunk”) to give kids an extra clue about the next animal.

The pages are printed on a heavier paper, which will certainly help the longevity of the holes in the center of each page. The illustrations are digital but have the appearance of ink and watercolor. This book is also a nice size, which I appreciate. Large enough to show off the pictures during storytime, but not hugely awkward to hold.

This is a book you should definitely add to your collection and your storytime rotation.

Reviews referred to:

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