Old Spice, Libraries, and Marketing.

Have you read Andy’s summation of the Great Old Spice Library Twitter Adventure of Aught Ten? Read it, and then come back here; as soon as I read his post script, my mind immediately made a couple of substitutions that I think are interesting:

As for the product itself, I have used [libraries] before these ads came out and I’ll use it again in the future. For me, the [library] reminds me of my grandfather; he used to [take me there] and it’s one of the strongest sensory memories of him that I have. I started to [go to the library again] after he passed away because it was comforting. My reasons for using [the library] go a long way beyond social media, marketing people, and the viral videos that have been produced. I connect with the brand and the product at a deeper, more sentimental level. There is no ad campaign in the world that can replicate that. –Andy

That’s the kind of branding and brand loyalty that libraries need, and I think a lot of them have. What I don’t think we have is someone like the Old Spice guy who is bringing a fresh new awareness to a product/institution that has been around forever. There will always be library loyalists, but where is the fresh excitement from the public?

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