I was poking around craigslist not too long ago, seeing if I had anything anyone needed in the “wanted” section when I came across this ad:


I am in need of books of any kind to read myself or to my children I have been laid off of work now for 7 months and have lost are cable due to the price increase so we read more and watch movies well we have read every book and watched the same movies for about 2 months soanything would be appreaciated at this point again thanks and have a blessed day.

You can see where this is going, right?

I promptly cut and pasted the email address and sent the person a note suggesting she (I am assuming it is a mother) go to her local library to check out books, DVDs, CDs, and to take advantage of the free programs for children and adults. I wished her luck during her difficult time, and that I hoped she and her girls would enjoy the library.

Shortly thereafter, she replied:

Miss Julie
Thank you so much I never thought of that my girls would love that
I hope her library treats her right. I hope she finds a flyer on job search help, and signs her kids up for summer reading–I hope she signs herself up, for that matter. I hope whatever trinkets they get make her kids smile. I hope they find a book or a movie so engrossing that they forget their money troubles for at least a little while. That would make me happy.
How have you been an advocate for your profession, your place of work, or for people in need recently?

3 responses to “advocate.”

  1. What a beautiful post. You’ve inspired me to check my local craigslist looking for similar needs.


    1. Thank you. It was really neat to come across an opportunity to do some outreach and advocacy in a different way.


  2. Now that’s true advocacy, Julie. I always think of our business not just as reaching out to lots of people or to the “library-converted” but also, more inmportantly, as one person, one family at a time that we can influence positively. Way to go!


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