nontraditional: a list.

  1. During one of my twitter frolics recently I found the effing librarian, whose blog I am completely and utterly smitten with. He talks about many of the hot issues in the library world, as well as advocacy and news, but in a completely bitchy and steely way. Love, love, love.
  2. Here is an expansive  booklist of nontraditional gender roles represented in books for children, courtesy of the Allen County Public Library.
  3. This article lists a ton of nontraditional materials that libraries circulate, including cake pans, CPR dummies, and–gasp!–video games (the April 1 date worries me, but as far as I can tell, it is a genuine article; if you discover otherwise, let me know, okay?).
  4. I must mention one more nontraditional library event that is coming up: Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday, coming up on May 24th, to be hosted over at 100 Scope Notes. I’ve never participated in Nonfiction Monday* before, but my first foray is certainly going to be a doozy, since I co-wrote a review in song form with Travis from Scope Notes. Please do check it out, and participate if you have a mind to.

*Here’s the source of Nonfiction Monday, in case you were wondering (which I was, which was why I did some sleuthing and figured it out. Is there anything that Anastasia Suen can’t do? She has a kajillion blogs, all of them terrifically informative, and she put together this Nonfiction Monday meme happening event thingy. I stand in awe. Actually, I sit in awe, but that just sounds weird. Have you realized yet that reading my parentheticals is oftentimes a foolish undertaking? No? It’s okay, we all learn at our own pace.).

One response to “nontraditional: a list.”

  1. I’m participating in non-traditional Non-Fiction Monday and I’ve already posted to 100 Scope Notes, but I had to stop by and tell you what a beautiful voice you have! How many people can sound great while singing an ode to the circulatory system? 🙂


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