things I, the librarian, cannot and can do for you

I cannot

  1. read your mind
  2. do your homework for you
  3. babysit your child
  4. allow you to drop the f-bomb repeatedly in the children’s department, around small children
  5. design/create the flyer for your small business
  6. reserve a movie for you that is still in theaters

I can

  1. perform a reference interview, which means I will ask you many questions that might make it seem like I am slow, but I am really just trying to make sure I can get you what you actually want
  2. show you all the materials we have on a topic, and maybe even find some area tutors
  3. entertain your child during storytime and show you our play area, full of puzzles, pop-up books, and puppets
  4. give you the choice to either watch your language or leave my department
  5. show you how to log on to our computers, the basics of  publisher, and help you print your flyer (in color, if you like!)
  6. tell you where that movie is currently playing in our area, and let you know the DVD release date

2 responses to “things I, the librarian, cannot and can do for you”

  1. Nice post – so true. Now, can you reserve a copy of Iron Man II for me?


    1. A friend of mine recently sent me a message to tell me that someone asked her for a DVD of Hot Tub Time Machine, and it made her think of me. Asking too early for that movie is particularly funny to me.


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