On March 13th, Barry Lyga is going to be in the Chicago area as part of LitWorks: A Teen READ Workshop. He’s one of eight ya authors that will spend the day speaking, presenting, and signing books. Since I am very much a fangirl when it comes to Barry’s work, I got up the nerve to ask him if he’d like to answer a few questions leading up to his visit, and in return he could ask me a few about Chicago.

Well, Barry asked me his questions ages ago (in internet time, about a week), and I still haven’t gotten mine together for him. So I kindly ask if you, dear readers, will help me out with my self-imposed assignment?

Here’s the deal– I have five questions to ask Barry. Now, I think I can come up with four on my own, so I need my readers to help me out with the fifth. Go look about Barry’s website, and definitely read his books, and then come back here and leave a question for Barry in the comments. I’ll choose one to add to my four, and that makes….yes…five!

I’d like to have my questions ready by the end of this week, so keep that in mind.


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