it’s no easy feat, getting that telephone smell just right.

Did you know there is a YA author who is the second coming of John Kennedy O’Toole?

Read this post, and tell me I am wrong.

He also rather reminds me of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Further, his description of librarians is spot on:

One is naturally hesitant to associate with librarians. One may be as “tolerant” as one likes in the settled security of one’s own drawing-room, but as soon as one ventures into the street and comes face-to-face with an actual librarian—with their telltale supernumerary fingers, their unnaturally sharp teeth, the giggling shrieks they use to “communicate,” their chronic dishonesty, their inability to distinguish right from wrong, their conniving sidelong lope whenever they sense danger, the infuriatingly affected way they presume to wear human clothes, their unappetizing habit, wherever they go, of smelling public telephones—well, one finds one’s armchair liberalism rather strained.

Funny stuff to make your Thursday more chuckleful, and to, you know, explain that…odor.

One response to “it’s no easy feat, getting that telephone smell just right.”

  1. Thanks, Julie! Being compared to John Kennedy Toole is one of the nicest things one could possibly say. I appreciate it!

    Hey! You’re in Chicago! I’m in Chicago! You’re a librarian! My wife used to be a librarian! Do we know each other??

    And are you interested in having anything to do with this — a library field trip, p’haps? Read on:

    BTW, paperback of “The Order of Odd-Fish” is out if you want it. I can have my people sling one your way.


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