excerpt from Ain’t Love a Kick in the Head

Lisette’s nostrils were suddenly filled with the rich odor of apples and hay, with a sharp, sweet undertone of sugar. The scent made her heart clip clop in her chest. It took her back to her childhood on her Uncle Schaffer’s farm, to those long, summer days spent riding horses, mucking their stalls, braiding their manes and tails.

She felt warm breath on her neck, and the whiskery muzzle of a horse lipping at her…she turned quickly, but instead of a horse she found herself looking into the huge brown eyes of Blake B’eauty, the Belgian exchange student with the long flowing hair and tight, tight pants.

“What are you doing here?” she asked breathlessly.

“Sorry,” he murmured. “You smell so sweet…like sugar.”

“My mother gave me a brown sugar scrub for Christmas,” she said.

“Ah…it’s delicious,” he said, and laughed, stomping his foot on the ground as he did.

Anyone want to add more to the story? Please do so in the comments!*

*Note: some comments may not be suitable for work…or home…or anywhere, really. So read at your own peril.

One response to “excerpt from Ain’t Love a Kick in the Head”

  1. Teshub barreled between the two, swinging his broadsword recklessly maiming the sweet Lisette. As her blood spattered onto Teshubs face he let out a howling laugh. His tail mocking Blake.

    “GRWARWRARRARA” Teshub yelled, whilst drool and blood drenched his chest. He galloped away, leaving Blake in shock.

    Back in the clearing of the Angstus woods, Teshub and his hooved lover Paul stroked each others hairy masculine chests. Before taking turns mounting each other and feasting on on the remains of the once lovely Lisette.


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