Music for Children

Did you know I play music as well as write inane blog posts? Well, now you do!

I compose my set-lists using a mixture of children’s classics, folk songs, original songs, and covers of family friendly popular songs. I strive for a clear, simple presentation that allows the music to shine and I seek to involve every member of the audience as much as possible. Using my guitar, harmonica, rhythm instruments, and voice, I aim to tell stories in unique and unexpected ways.

I am available to provide a variety of music-based programming for libraries and schools, including:

Family Concerts

A forty-five minute singalong music program open to the public or for a private event for an audience of seventy-five or more. Concerts can be tailored for specific age ranges upon request.

School Visits

For school visits, I come to individual classrooms. This intimate format promotes interaction and features songs and activities that solicit input from the group. Choose from musical presentations, storytelling, or a combination of stories and music.

Librarian/Teacher Workshop

This hands-on presentation of developmentally appropriate songs and music activities will help librarians and teachers integrate music into their library programs and every day teaching activities.

I am also available for smaller gatherings such as birthday parties, family parties, or if you just need half a day away from the kids and you want a babysitter who will put on a show with your kids in the old fashioned Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland kind of way.

Please contact for quotes. Prices vary based on audience size, distance traveled, and whether or not a sound system is needed/provided.

Don’t see what you need here? Please send me an email detailing the audience you have and the format you prefer, and we can see if we are able to tailor a performance for your needs.

References are available upon request. CPDU credits can be offered depending on the program provided.

What’s Up! by Miss Julie

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